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Although the Cafe is closed until further notice 

we are developing an online shop for ceramics 

so please watch this space for updates

In the meantime check out our facebook page

Zepplin's Paint Your Own Ceramics will be available to paint at home whilst the country deals with Covid-19.

  • Paint your own ceramics or paint your own pottery is a unique way to create personalised pieces of pottery for yourself or your loved one.
  • We provide you with the Bisqueware (plain, unpainted, unglazed piece of ceramic) and the paint to create your own masterpiece.  Once you have finished we will then glaze and fire your masterpiece making it glossy and bringing out the beauty that you have created.
  • The paint is non toxic so can be used to put children's handprints or foot prints on mugs or plates, perfect for grandparents, Mother's Day Gifts, or just a way to capture a moment in your precious child's life.
  • Once glazed and fired your piece will be food safe so you may use it as any other mug or plate, except it will be special because you made it.

This little cherub painted this gorgeous plate, now a keepsake for her family.  

The before and after photos show how the colours change and become bright and vibrant with glazing and firing.  With the simple addition of stickers before painting you could add a name, date or message for the person it is made for.